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A petticoat is essentially a long skirt worn beneath a saree so that one can drape and tuck the saree in it. Petticoats are made of extremely light materials, usually cotton
Did you know that your saree petticoat is equally important when it comes to the right fit? It’s very important to choose the right fabric and style of your petticoat to make your saree standout beautifully.
Closure Type : Embroidery Border at Bottom Cotton Inskirt
Saree Petticoat Waist is adjustable with Drawstring(exclude) and Embroidery Border at Bottom.
A petticoat or underskirt is an article of clothing, a type of undergarment worn under a skirt or a dress.
Its precise meaning varies over centuries and between countries.
Petticoat is the standard name in English for any underskirt worn as part of non-Western clothing such as the lehenga with the sari.
A line: A normal A-line petticoat is used for most of the sarees.
This style is comfy to adorn as it allows sufficient area for leg movement. It has four / six / eight segments stitched together and has one straight side stitched diagonally.
This style gives a conical structure with narrow side attached to a belt on the waist.
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